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What are you doing this summer?

Would you like to host a student from Spain? 

Ten students between the ages of 14 and 16 still need host families from June 27-July 24.  You can go on exciting trips to NYC, the Naval Academy, Washington D.C., Hershey Park, Arundel Mills, Baltimore to see the Orioles, and more.  You would need to provide a bed, some transportation, some meals and some love. 
Make lifelong friends in another part of the world!
Contact Towson High School teacher, Erika Nash for more  information at 410-446-1937 or

The following students are available!

# 3 Female 15 describes herself as responsible, outgoing and smiling.  She likes music, travel, soccer, basketball, tennis and being with friends.  She has a dog and loves their company and loyalty.  She is curious and works hard to get good grades in school.
# 4 Male 15  likes to cook, hang with friends, paint, play soccer, basketball, visit museums, windsurf, camp, swim, photography, the outdoors, and reading.  He plays the piano.  His favorite subjects are math and physics.  He is very close with his family especially his grandparents.  He likes cats and dogs and his favorite meal is a hamburger!  He has never been to the US!
# 5 Female 14 has 3 turtles as pets and describes herself as confident, and talkative.  She likes painting, soccer, outdoors, dancing, history, music, movies, travel and camping.  She would like to learn how to cook.  She lives on the outskirts of Madrid and says she has the best views.  She wants to be a lawyer when she grows up!
# 6 Male 15 likes basketball, history, watching TV, movies, museums, music, reading, and travel.  He is a Star Wars fan!  He is learning the algorithm of rubicks cubes and likes to solve them.  He plays guitar.  He doesn’t like roller coasters or dogs, but can live with a small one if necessary.  He is afraid of heights!  He has never been to the US, only watches films with America in the movies!
# 9 Male 14 will turn 15 the day the flight leaves to return to Spain!  He is allergic to dogs.  He likes waterpolo, soccer, swimming, computer games and travel.  He describes himself as sensitive, easy going and smiling.  He likes Fortnite and Fifa.  He admits to being a little nervous but he looks forward ”to meeting his host family and their customs!”
#10  Male 14 will also turn 15 the flight leaves to return to Spain!  He likes Judo, basketball, and movies.  He describes himself as responsible, athletic, and easygoing.  He has a cat.  He has never been to the US, but his brothers have.  He is not crazy about shellfish, but he loves pasta with friend tomato.  He has a brown belt in Judo!
# 11 Male 14 wants to improve his English and know more about American culture.  He likes video games, soccer, being with friends, camping, watching TV, and travel.  He describes himself as active and modern.  He has been to England, Canada, the Czech Republic, and the Canary Islands.  He dreams of traveling to the US.
# 12 Male 14 is artistic, optimistic, and confident.  He enjoys basketball, soccer, TV, computer games, movies, music, and travel.  He has been to Canada, Ireland, Norway, Prague, France and the US.  He would like to see Iceland, Australia, Brazil, Egypt, and Japan.
#13 Female 14 is shy, optimistic, and smiling.  She likes cooking, soccer, basketball, movies, and music.  She takes dance lessons.  Her favorite shows are Hawaii 50, Chicago Med, The Big Bang Theory and The Good Doctor.  He favorite artists are Ed Sheeran, Queen, Backstreet Boys, Charlie Puth, Justin Timberlake, and the Beatles.  She also loves the Disney soundtracks.
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Erika L.  Nash, English Department
AVID 12, SAT Prep,  English 12
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Thank You !