The Alumni Association awards seven scholarships each year to deserving seniors.  These awards are made possible through generous alumni donations to the Lifetime Membership, Scholarship and General Funds.  Scholarship winners are selected by a committee of Towson High teachers and counselors, and the awards are presented at the Senior Awards Ceremony each May.

The Alumni Medal of Excellence
Established in 1907 by William P. Cole Jr.,  the Medal of Excellence is given to the senior whose academic achievement has been most outstanding during their years at Towson High School, as determined by their highest academic average. 

William P. Cole, Jr., was a graduate of the Towson High Class of 1907 and the founder of the Towson High Alumni Association.
The Ted Prince Memorial Scholarship
Established in 1919, this award is given to a senior who, in addition to being a good student, possesses character of heart, mind and conduct as evidenced by a spirit of loyalty and service to Towson High School.

This award serves as a memorial to Lt. Edmund 'Ted' Prince, the only Towson High School student, or graduate, to die during World War I.
The R. Louise Balls English Award
Established in 1928, this award is given to a senior for excellence in classroom and creative English.
Louise Balls started teaching at Towson High School in 1903 and continued to teach until 1953 when she reached her 50th year.  She was the only educator to teach in all four of the Towson High Buildings.
The Arthur C. Crommer Mathematics Award
Established in 1928, this award is given to a student who, in addition to being preeminent in character and conduct, has excelled in mathematics.
Arthur C. Commer was a mathematics teacher and principal of Towson from 1905-1928.  He was instrumental in laying the foundation for Towson’s educational excellence through the constant growth and development of its early curriculum.
The Nannie Feast Law and Public Policy Award
Originally established in 1932 as a Commercial Award, and then later as a Business Award, this award is currently given to a student of the Law and Public Policy Program who, in addition to being a good student, exhibits good character and conduct as evidenced by a strong sense of sportsmanship and fair play.

Nannie Feast was a commercial course teacher who taught at Towson for 50 years.
The Frances Shores Meginnis Award
Established in 2016, this award is given to a graduating senior who, despite challenges, shows great promise as a scholar in either Literature, Language, History, Drama, Art or Music.

This award honors Ms. Frances Shores Meginnis, an educator fondly recalled by many of the students she taught during her 14 years at Towson High School.  Hers were lessons in life, as well as in literature and writing.
The Gunther Werner Science Scholarship Awards
Established in 2018, this award is given to one or more deserving seniors pursuing an education and career in a field of science at a university, college or vocational school.

This award honors Gunther A. Werner, a graduate of the class of 1938, who upon his death at the age of 90, left the Towson High School Alumni Association a generous donation to be used for science scholarships.